Today was quite a Friday.  I was sick for a while last week and, of course, ended up getting Annie sick.  This last year and a half of living in Hawaii has been ridiculous for me in terms of my health.  I would confidently say that I have been sick more in this year and a half of living in Hawaii, than in the previous eight years living in California and Oregon, maybe even my entire life otherwise.
Part of the reason for Hawaii’s intense “cold season” is that being a worldwide travel destination; we get people and diseases from all over the world.  We get the cold season when it hits the mainland, Europe, Japan, the Southern Hemisphere, you name it, everywhere there are colds going around, visitors come here form there.  So it is pretty much cold season year round here in the Aloha state.
Back to this Friday, Annie has been sick for the last couple days and was again sick today.  I know this because I woke up early in the morning to her hacking up a lung next to me in bed.  Please understand I love my wife so much and cannot imaging the stress of being pregnant, let alone being pregnant with a cold.  But the fact is, usually I am grumpy when I miss out on sleep, so the only things I can think this morning are, “really, is she couching this much and shaking the bed?  I mean there aren’t more than thirty seconds in between coughs!  How long can this go on?”
So again, I love my wife and can’t imagine what she’s going through, and also I am pretty much a jerk for thinking these things but this is the story.  Anyway, I finally realize that I’m being a jerk and it would be best for me to go sleep on the couch, rather than stew in bed and be bitter at my pour, ill wife.  So I head to the couch with my pillows and cell phone (it’s my alarm) and reset the alarm for a little later than normal.
Well, apparently I did a poor job of setting the alarm because I woke up at ten-thirty in the morning because it was getting hot.  So I went into the room and woke up my sweet sick wife and we spent the morning watching some friends and eating breakfast, since the morning was shot.  Went to work at noon and spent the afternoon getting my youth ministry on.  I am super blessed by my work situation, and those around me.  So, that was my Crazy Friday morning.  Thankfully when I told my boss, he just laughed and remarked about how I should be rested then.