To clear up anything, my wife, Annie isn’t in labor yet, but experiences pre-labor or false-labor quite a bit. Pre-labor or false-labor is when the about-to-pop-pregnant-lady experiences the contractions normally associate with childbirth, but does not actually birth the child. Anyway, Annie has these contractions frequently, and the cool thing is that they mean her body is getting ready to get this baby out, which we both are really excited for.

Anyway, on Father’s day we experienced a doosie of a false-labor, and Annie wrote about it on her blog, but I thought I would add my two-cents to the blogosphere. So I got to surf a great day at Sandy’s for father’s day and Annie took some pictures for me. Right when I got out of the water, I noticed Annie looked very uncomfortable and as we drove home, she looked like someone who was in pain. So we got home and mom-mom, Pattie B, began making the father’s day dinner of fried chicken, dirty rice and creamed corn (it was AWESOME, btw). While this was happening, Annie and went into the room and began our relaxation stuff. We played her relaxing labor playlist she made, I rubbed her back and we practiced the mental relaxation. We also timed the contractions and they were very close together, but not super strong.

After about 20 minutes we went out to the living room, pulled out the hide-a-bed and threw some Friends on the tv. We figured it was going to last a while and so we wanted to do something else and not leave mom-mom out there by herself. So we watched tv and enjoyed the great food, I enjoyed a couple Sierra Nevadas with my meal and Annie became worried because she didn’t want a drunk labor coach (I wasn’t worried or drunk, it was a 3 beers over 4 hours and our trip to the hospital was a long way off, to be sure). After dinner we went to do the security check at church and Annie wanted to walk with me so we did, and then walked a couple laps around the parking lot to boot.

We returned to bed and went to sleep. It took me quite a while to get to sleep because I was pretty darn excited about the possibility of being able to meet my child. It is pretty awesome to lay in bed next to my wife and feel our child move through her stomach, but I am so excited to see what this kid looks like, to touch his/her skin and to even find out if it’s a Jonathan or an Anne. Plus the exciting thing, as my new-father-friend-Daniel says, that the dad gets to help care once the baby is born (Daniel is a new father, btw, not a new friend, we’ve been friends since we moved out here). Well, because of all this, I didn’t get to sleep till well after 11pm (I know, I’m an old man, that’s not late).

I awoke in the 1am hour to Annie telling me that her contractions were getting much stronger. I was pretty drowsy so I -in my extreme helpful-ness- tried to encourage Annie to put herself into a relaxed state. That is to say, I mumbled, “relax, honey,”. After this I was still my half-sleep-stupor and I was trying to pay attention to whether or not Annie actually became relaxed. She did not. Even with my incredibly helpful advice, I could still hear her breathing heavily and tightening her chest in doing so, and I also noticed she was moving quite frequently. If anyone is Bradley Trained they know that relaxation occurs with slow, controlled deep belly breaths that are hard to hear, and that if you are in your relaxation position you should be as mobile as a bowl of pudding.

So I reached over and stroked her leg and encouraged her to relax more. She did not appreciate this. Her activity continued for a few more minutes when in painful frustration, Annie kicked her leg against the bed (kicking my leg in the process, though not on purpose). I realized that she was clearly not relaxed and they my passive encouragement was the opposite of helpful so I got up, went around to her side, began massaging and did a relaxation exercise with her. It slowly worked and after a while she felt relaxed even though her contractions continued.

We stayed awake for a while longer and eventually, sometime around four in the morning, the contractions stopped and we both fell asleep. Thankfully Monday is my day off so I slept in a bunch. we were both a little sad afterward, though. We got pretty excited about the idea of meeting our child, and now we have to wait a little longer, but we are trying to be patient and are getting closer, by the day. As my boss and pastor said earlier today, “God is never early. God’s never late, but also never early.” So we (almost) patiently await this kid’s arrival. More to come.