I saw this on my friend Rhett’s Blog and I love it. I love Colbert’s immense scriptural and theological knowledge and how he intertwines his lightning-quick wit with it. I love the message the bishop is preaching here as well. How wonderfully hopeful and encouraging.

BTW. The Colbert Report is something I miss big time in my life now that I don’t have cable.

BTW #2. we are still without a baby. the due date was Saturday and we have no labor and no baby and we are getting pretty stinkin’ anxious. This is a time when I really need patience and it seems like I have so little.

update: I am an idiot and am still learning to use wordpress, therefore I cannot get the video to embed. if you click on the Colbert link and scroll down the video clips you can check out his interview with Bishop NT Wright.  That is the one to watch. sorry to those who were trying to watch that and could’t.