It has been pretty busy for me getting back into the swing of work since Ellie was born.  It is really a combination of things: we planned activity gaps around Ellie’s due date but before and after we have stuff going because it’s the summer, I haven’t gotten as much sleep, random ministry convergences happening in the next few weeks.  I think I am doing a pretty good job of not being stressed by I am definitely feeling crunched.  Today, Thursday, I have a short breath from pressing matters at work, and I needed to run some errands, and do a couple other things.  The things I am doing are getting ready for our high school surf day on Friday.

Yesterday, at around lunch my phone was ringing like crazy.  One of the people trying to call me was a friend and fellow youth minister Rob Jenner.  I couldn’t hear his call because he is on Molokai (a small island in Maui county), and Molokai has, I think, 1 cell tower total (this is my sarcasm, but it really doesn’t have good cell coverage).  Anyway, he called again and left a message letting me know that he is speaking at a camp over there and had lined up worship and speaking for his youth group’s midweek program tonight, but it fell through.  So he asked as a last minute, last ditched effort if I could help out by leading worship and speaking.

My heart immediately knew the answer. Of course!  My friend needs a favor and I have the time and ability.  My emotions however, weren’t as cooperative.  I get really stingy with my free time, especially when I am busy at work.  So I was a little sulky for a while until I decided to suck it up and call him back to tell him I would help him out.  So in preparation for that I was trying to sleep in a little and then get right to work and have a full working day.

I woke at 5:45 this morning to Annie asking if I could burp and change Ellie after her early morning meal.  I said I would and then did, and in the process, took my milk-drunk-nearly-comatose daughter and made her wide awake and chipper.  Now, it was awesome and she was all smiles and so I really enjoyed that.  I saw her yawn so I swaddled her and put her to bed, only to hear her fussing for a while.  At 6:30 her fussing turned to full on crying and I gave up any hopes of going back to sleep.  I told Annie I was going to spend time with my daughter.

I took her out to the living room and sat in one of the recliners and we rocked and cuddled for another hour.  I put on some music partway through (my mellow worship playlist) and finally at about 7:45 she fell asleep (no matter that the next time she is supposed to eat is around 8).  I cannot say enough how beautiful a start to my day this was.  In a time when I feel like I ask God for more patience daily, and during a whirlwind of busyness, I get a beautiful, quiet morning with my daughter; rocking, and cuddling to some soul soothing worship.