This weekend Annie came up with an idea that our family tried out on Monday.  We have, over the last couple months been working to better live out The Sabbath in our lives.  Since our job necessitates our working on Sunday, (the day most Christians Sabbath) we have been working to make Monday our family’s Sabbath.  In doing this we try to keep work projects off our plate and really use it to be with each other, though we frequently end up dinking around on the computer or watching Friends for hours.  This brings us to this weekend when Annie thought it might be good to try having a Monday without TV and computer, since we frequently will waste our days in those activities.  So yesterday we went for it and succeeded the whole day without tv and computers.

I will start by saying that it was such a great day for me.  I spent the day enjoying my family and I really felt like I got to rest more than I usually do on Mondays.  The whole day was like a giant breath of fresh air.  We went to the beach and Annie and I traded off staying on the beach with Ellie, we shopped for our week’s meals, we made dinner together, and ate together at the table.  I will say that I did use my computer as a jukebox throughout the day, but  I only picked the songs and let it play.  I finished the day by starting reading William Young’s The Shack and I am about halfway through and It is wonderful.  It is painful and beautiful and difficult, but so refreshing and I am loving it.  My review will come soon on it, but now know that yesterday began a tradition, and Annie and I decided we want to continue fasting from technology on our Sabbath.