Ellie has gas. What created a big problem the first month or so of her life has become a wonderful joy in my life. Ellie doesn’t burp too much, she’ll usually give us one or two per session, but for the most part, Elianna gets rid of her gas the other way. So when she was brand-spankin-new this was a painful process for her, and we could tell (she let us know) and so it was painful for us to. She now has very little trouble passing that gas and it is just hilarious. She will squirm a little and grunt some and then you will hear some little baby barking spiders. Ellie, of course, reacts as is nothing even happened; it’s the most natural thing in the world for her to be tootin’ her horn. And that makes it even funnier. We love it. She takes after dad and is gassy, and it brings us so much joy. We’ll see how she feels about it 13 years from now, but for now, we will keep loving how gassy our little girl is.