Monday was an awesome day of rest, Annie and Jess hung out in the morning scoring 5 dollar t-shirts at Old Navy, and so Sean and I spent the morning relaxing and enjoying Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs. and Hangin’ out with the boys, Kana and Nakoa.  Our church scheduled a labor day picnic from 3-7 pm at the beach and we were excited about it.  The only problem, however is that the UCLA-Tennessee game was scheduled for a 5pm Pacific start time, which translates to a 2pm start time here in the Aloha State. No worries though, Sean and jess have a lifetime tivo (they got it when it first came out and now have tivo as long as that little box works; genius!).  So we tivo’d the game with the plan to watch it that night. And we did, and it did not dissapoint.  All who watched raved about how great the game was, the score flopped back and forth and when UCLA scored within the final two minutes, I thought it was over and we put our very tired daughter into her car seat.  But wait, we went into over time and loved it and the Bruins came out victorious, the underdog victors in new Coach Rick Neuheisel’s first game (and our daughter’s for that matter).  We stayed up late for it and it did not disappoint.   The Neuheisel era has begun and we do love our Bruins.  U-C-L-A! Fight! Fight! Fight!