Even though I don’t have cable or access to any tv programming (outside of our friends the Palmers having us over to watch some shows)  I try to keep up with some sports stuff through ESPN.com, and one of the columns I really like is their Tuesday Morning Quarterback or TMQ.  I was reading this week’s article and noticed a little something about a congressionally-mandated-mpg-standard.  I really think Eastbrook’s take on the situation has razor sharp wit that penetrates our government’s ridiculous love affair with oil (and the lobbyists putting money in their pockets).  Anyway, I try to stay away from politics in this blog because I honestly don’t know much about them nor do I care enough to know much.  I feel this issue transcends politics, though; as a Christian who is called to be a steward and caretaker of God’s creation, that means that we are about taking care of not only people, but the earth God has given to us.

I love that people are waking up and realizing we need to take care of the world, and I love that Christians are championing the cause.  I hope our voting public makes a stand on this little problem and calls our leaders to hold up their decision.  Hope this wasn’t too heavy handed, but when it comes to the environment, I get my feathers all ruffled up.  Thanks for indulging me and please pay no mind to the random cheerleader pic in the article.  The specific section is a little more than halfway down the article and is titled More on Mileage and Politics“. If you like football and have time, go ahead and read the rest of the article, he says some funny things, even about UCLA’s high-school-jv caliber performance against a good BYU team (I give BYU all the credit, they played great; they were faster and stronger and more explosive than our beloved bruins).  Click here for the link if you havent yet.