Well I was trying to blog from Youth SpecialtiesNational Youth Workers Convention this past weekend in Sacramento, CA.  My plan was to try to get daily recaps and updates out but for some reason I could not get any internet access.  It was incredibly frustrating to see anywhere from 15-20 public-but-locked wireless networks on my screen and I complained about it alot.  So much so that my wife, Annie, made fun of me, and my buddy Sean told me to write a song about it.

Anyway, now i am back in th eworld of the world wide interweb and will be posting my reactions and thoughts from this year’s NYWC.

as an incidental side note, I have very fond and wonderful memories and associations with NYWC in Sacramento as 3 years ago, Annie and I were there togther as volunteers for Bel Air Pres youth min and that was where I began to realize that I really liked this girl, and maybe even where I knew that I wanted to marry this girl.  And now, three years later, we are back at the Sacramento NYWC, we live in Hawaii, work together in YM, have started a beautiful family and are growing along in our path following Jesus.  What a cool deal, I bet Marko and the YS guys don’t really know that their convention is so influential.  anyway, more to come.