Sunday afternoon we went onto a couple of seminars in a row.  The first seminar we went to was from Sean Dunn, a speaker from Colorado.  He shared some really cool things about youth pastors’ need to show kids to The One God and God’s earthly manifestation in Jesus of Nazereth.  He argued that the reason kids do not continue in a relationship with Jesus after high school is that we ministers fail to really show Jesus to them.  He argued and showed that we absolutely need to introduce teens to Jesus and then continue to push them into a closer relationship with him.  He did a great job showing his point and challenging us to point kids to deeper relationship with Jesus.

After Dunn’s session we moved down and grabbed some coffee for a quick break before we headed out to our next session.  The session I chose was called Creating Our Own Middle School Curriculum and it was in this track called Open Source.  I was super excited about this seminar because I read about the idea previously on YS president Marko’ blog.  Marko actually led this seminar and it was so great.  We spent at least half the time discussing and working together and we actually went through the process of making a middle school lesson.  So not only did Marko teach us the processes of making a lesson for youth (though it emphasized a middle school age group), but we actually made one together in the session.  I applaud Youth Specialties for their innovation and their quest to better minister to youth ministers, I personally thought the open source format was awesome and hope they continue doing both that and the discussions during the general session.

After that session we went back to the hotel room and hung out with Pops and Mommom (Annie’s parents) and some friends and family came by to visit.  We went out and said sad good-byes to Mommom and Pops and went to dinner with Sean, our buddy Niko, my sister, Auntie Monica, and our friends Auntie Teddy, and Auntie Cait. We went for a late dinner at the Pyramid Brewhouse over by the hotel on K street.  We had an awesome meal, enjoyed a couple delicious brews, and just had a great time catching up and joking around.  We actually we having so much fun and hanging out that we decided not to try running into the evening’s general session late, and by the time we finished it was pretty far into the session so we just called it a night and got some rest.  I did hear that the evening session was totally killer and Tony Campolo rocked everyone’s face off.