Sorry to any that I have disappointed with my lack of writing.  I really appreciate your readership and conversation and I am sorry that it appears that I have forgotten that I am a blogger these last three weeks.  I have been pretty busy and I don’t have much excuse but I offer it more for reason than anything else.

In the meantime, though, I have had about 5 doctors appointments including a flu shot, one big dentist appointment (the first in three years, yikes) and one colonoscopy (cause all 25year olds get those- everything came back fine and clear btw).  I have additionally finished reading a few books, Raymond Chandler’s Farewell, My Lovely, Brian MacLaren’s A New Kind of Christian and The Story We FInd Ourselves In.  Hopefully I can get some reviews out, even though I am already backed up in the music department.  On top of all that, we have been busy in a good and fun way in our youth ministry, so all in all things are going well.

Oh yeah, and I am a dad of a four-month old beautiful girl who is growing so much every day.  So you know, life is wonderful.  Thanks again and sorry again.  Hopefully I will get back to atleast one post per week again.