I first saw this video on Lars Rood’s Blog, and since I love U2, I loved this.  I checked out more vids and watched the original Greg Lake video also.  Both versions are really powerful, I think, and I love the U2 one just because it rocks, like U2 does (I hope, however, not to take away from Greg Lakes version cause it’s really powerful).   Just thought I would post these vids.

and Greg Lake’s

till trying to figure out one of those last lines

Hallelujah, Noel,

be it heaven or hell

at Christmas we get what we deserve

I get the point Greg lake make’s (which I think U2 echoes), but my big question is what about those who don’t get what they reserve.  what about those who get dumped on, or get used abused by different things and people. just wondering about that.