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So I know I have been horrible at communication and I truly apologize, my life has been wicked busy. I am taking to college level classes right now, one Philosophy GE at Windward Community College (to finally finish my degree) and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement at our church. On top of that, our wonderful dog Rowdy is drivin’ me to drinkin’ by breaking out of our house and yard and finally getting himself hit by a car one time. He then requires weekly vet visits which drain both our time and money. He is fine, though, resilient, happy and healing…

After all that, I have watched my daughter grow and change. The Yes title is basically because she is just wrapping Daddy around her finger lately by doing a couple things. The first happened the other morning when she had finished her morning nurse snack. She was laying in between annie and me and I was laying on my side facing them. I was tired and my eyes were closed when my wonderful daughter gave me the sweetest kiss ever. I figured that Annie had picked her up and put her up to my lips, but she apparently lunged forward just to kiss daddy. Well, of course my heart melted.

My heart melted again the other dauy when I was at the store and annie called me. She was very excited and told me that Ellie finally said, “Da”. She didn’t ay it while we talked on the phone that trip, but today, I was at the store again, called annie to ask a question, and when Ellie heard my voice, I heard her say, “Da” a couple times( not dada, but were getting there). Anyway, that’s how my daughter is melting my heart in the middle of busyness, readings, papers, outrageous vet bills and everything else. Sorry I have been a blog chump and I will try to get better.


Wanted to post a link to a Rick Reilly story that gives a little hope.  This is hands down one of the best things I have read on the ol’ world wide web-er-net all year. In an age when youth sports have become ridiculously competitive and unsportsmanlike, this team act’s like a team who loves Jesus should (in reading the article, the fact that the school is Christian is really downplayed but look at the actions and then look at the name) .  Sports were such a big part of my own life I attribute them to many character qualities that I now possess.  I have never seen or heard of anything liked this, but I personally can picture a couple coaches who don’t sound too different from Coach Hogan that Reilly writes about.  I seem to remember Jesus saying something about taking care of orphans and widows and prisoners, the people that our cultures ignore.  This seems like a beautiful step in that direction.

H(at) T(ip) to Brian McLaren, on whose blog I found this, where he called it the best sports story of the year, and I couldn’t agree more

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