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I read different articles about youth ministry and college and the transition from high school to adulthood.  I saw one recently stating that somewhere around 65% of students entering a 4 year university don’t have a degree 6 years after they enter.  I am sad to say I am a part of that 65 percent, though I have finally accomplished a big part of it.

As I write this I write with the freed feeling of a college graduate.  Yes, I know I walked through the graduation 3 years ago and then moved to hawaii and worked a job all the while telling people I was a college graduate, but I really did that because it was too much work to tell people that I still needed one class, my GE philosophy requirement, to actually receive my degree and graduate.  So, after two years of working to get residency for in-state tuition (its 1/3 of the price of out of state), and around 5 months of trudging through the class I have done it!!!.  I put in the transcript orders and finished my class this morning.  It is a great relief to know that after spending all that money I don’t have on my UCLA education, I am now officially validated with the degree on the way.

I was so happy I celebrated by taking out some lunch at Fatboys.  it was awesome.

By the way I have posted my Mark studies thus far on the resources link.  You can click on the link under blogroll or go to the resources page and find the link there.  Bear in mind that these studies are still very rough and in outline form, but this is what I’m walking through in my relationship with God and Jesus and God’s Kingdom.  Let me know any constructive criticism in the comments of each post.


fine, annie, I will talk to you. Here is a great video of Bishop NT Wright sharing thoughts on Post-Modernity.

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