Today has been quite an interesting morning.  I have been pretty tired lately, and this usually happens after we have had house guests and so I was not surprised when I slept in past 8 (despite going to bed at around 10:30).  I groggily got up and made some french toast for the whole family.  Annie finished up her meal and headed off for a meeting, so Ellie and I finished eating and then I changed her diaper, put a dress on her and went to take out Rowdy and take Ellie to Annie over at the offices.

So Rowdy is in the back yard, I take Ellie over, and come back to get the excited dog and bring him inside to feed him.  As we open up the screen door to the back porch I notice that the poop smell I smelled earlier is still around (yes this is a poop story, continue only if you have a strong stomach or really want to laugh).  I had thought the smell was from the bag of diapers on Ellie’s changing table and I was partly right.  The rest however, came from our dog pooping some giant turds on our back porch.  to his credit he clearly was trying to keep it contained because it was all in one spot, but he also had clearly been sick last night because more than one giant turd lay before me at the edge of the porch.  I called him over, gave him a swat and sent him into his kennel, then began the task of removing this gross pile before me.

As I got a hose and hooked it to a spigot, then sprayed down the edge of the porch I was thinking a couple things: 1. Really?! Really?! Those two times I took you out before bed last night were not enough to satisfy your intestinal needs?! 2. This is so gross and so funny.  It looked like some large man had been sick and it all came out the back end on this spot of my porch.  I also wondered how all that fit in my 40 lbs dog. 3. I’m glad I already ate breakfast. 4. I’m glad Ellie is not here, she would find a way to be inquisitive and make this experience horrible. 5. I’m glad Annie’s not here, she has a week stomach for poop episodes. 6. I am thankful that God is making me more patient.  I didn’t yell at the dog, I only swatted him once and it wasn’t out of anger, and all this is happening when my neck has a really painful crick because I slept on it wrong.  I  often worry about my anger and temper, and frequently ask God to make me more patient and gentle.  It is nice to see this little improvement and that God is faithful in literally working against all my nature to make me more into who God wants me to be. 7. I really wanted to take a picture to accompany this post, but thought that my words would have to suffice in describing the grossness of this episode.  8.  This is ridiculously gross and funny.

To wrap the episode up, the porch is clean, I used bleach and then vinegar to sanitize and remove/cover scent, Annie laughed, Ellie didn’t even know and Sean Palmer empathized through the many different dog-poo-episodes he has shared with me.  Welcome to paradise

So that’s an update from Casa de Groves, heres hoping the weather improves, the waves improve and my neck feels better so I can cleanse myself with some surf.