Since I have exited college I have noticed something fairly substantial growing.  It’s my belly and its no good.   I have added about 25-30 lbs to my gut and it is not pretty. Instead of being a sleek and svelte young man like my brother Kenn, I look like a saggy, lumpy man who you would not peg to be physically in his prime.  Over the last few years I have tried to begin running regimes and even tried make sure I was bodysurfing alot in efforts to fix this but they have been to no avail (I think it’s because I am wired to get jazzed about lifting weights – I know, hardcore meat-head – and even while running 3 times a week I wasn’t burning enough calories to change anything and I would get disappointed and bummed when my weight stayed the same and would eventually stop)

In college I had fantastic access to a great gym, fitness center weight room and pool and I made use of all them.  Since leaving college my access has dropped, even though I have lived next-door to the YMCA for the last 2 1/2 years.  We couldn’t afford a membership to the Y, but in January 2009 the Honolulu YMCA instituted its Membership For All program, where every member’s dues are based on their earnings (they also dropped the start-up fee).  Additionally, we paid off some lingering debt this month and per Crown ministries decided to celebrate that.  So we are now members of the YMCA, I again have access to weights, fitness and pool and after a half a week I am already energized and stoked to do this thing.

So that brings me to why I’m writing.  I am going out on a limb and posting my goals and methods here on the blog.  It is a bad time to start this (the holiday season fast approaching, my wife is pregnant with baby number 2 and craves Taco Bell and McDonalds – which I usually have to go get) but I am going for it.  I downloaded the best app ever for my Iphone, its a free app called “Lose it” and it is keeping track off all my numbers and serves as my personal fitness and diet consultant.  This app is seriously awesome for anyone who wants to lose weight or probably even gain weight too.

So as I entered into lose it, I’m a 6 foot, 2 inch, 25 year old man, who weighs 267lbs and wants to weigh 240lbs.  I said I wanted to aim for losing a pound a week so this is projecting my finish date 27 weeks from now in the middle of march, right about when we should be having a baby (you see, terrible timing, but its needed).  Lose it has given me a daily calorie budget of around 2787 and I enter in my daily foods and exercise and it calculates how many calories I take in over the day.

So this is the start, I will post the before picture, and we will move along on this thing.  Its not going to be like the biggest loser, I will define success by losing a pound a week, so it will be pretty boring, but I will keep you updated as we go and  will post an after picture later.  I would add this: any readers who feel like they want to go for this thing too, we can make this into a group project and we can all share our stories together here, so let me know if you are interested.