All right, so I decided to collectively title my weight-losing-getting-in-shape posts as The Shrinking JD, so if you are into this, any time you see this in the title you know that’s what its about, if you aren’t into you know to skip it.  I will try to post weigh-ins and updates on Fridays, because although Monday would probably be more accurate (you eat and gain more on weekends) I stay off the computer on Monday, so that’s out.

As I mentioned last week, my starting weight was 267 and I weighed in today again at 267.  I could easily be disappointed by this but I’m not.  we’re looking at the long haul and also, I had weighed myself once this weekend at 274, so hey, atleast I’m not weighing in at that.  My goal is still 240lbs and I still have 27 lbs to go to get there.  I also have approximately 26 more weeks to do it.

As for my calorie intake, I did pretty well, staying under most days, but I went over twice I think. This app and calorie budget is fantastic, I feel like I’m really able to keep track of what’s coming in pretty well, except days like yesterday when we had a really complex recipe that would have been a pain (maybe impossible) to enter in.  Annie is being so great and supportive and she lovingly sends some blog-love over to me.  I have had some difficult challenges on days when she is feeling sick and craving some sort of fast food, but so far I’m doing pretty well.  I might celebrate a little today, though as it is National Cheeseburger Day, and lunch is calling me to that.

There’s my update.  Thanks for all the support and for those who are jumping into this with me.  I put some responses on the last post, if you are interested in checking them out.  So, there it is, week one of The Shrinking JD is in the books.