it appears as though this title is a misnomer as I still have not actually lost any weight. I weighed in this morning again at 267 lbs (even the .8 has stayed the same for my weigh-ins). I went over my calorie budget on Wednesday, I think, but otherwise have been doing pretty well. I’m definitely eating healthier and my workouts are getting better and better, so I feel better for sure.

Additionally the program, coupled with the vitamin B Complex my FIL, Bob, recommended, have really helped me to feel rested and energized when I wake in the morning and mostly through the day. So we are onto a good start in terms of health and wellness, but in terms of weight-loss I’m still staring at that goose-egg. I must continue to remember that this is a long term thing. Thanks for your support.

btw. A very Happy Birthday to my mother in law Patti!