I sit typing this at midnight on late-night number 3 of 4 this week. Monday through Thursday are late nights for me and that rarely happens. Typically youth night is the beginning of our workweek, as Tuesday is usually our “Monday,” and therefore we are energized and pumped. This week it was the hardest night (the penultimate is almost always the hardest). I knew this going into it and have been praying that God would make up for my weakness.

This brings me to tonight. God showed up. God showed up in a deep and real and big way. I can’t explain it here, Annie and I spent 1 1/2 hours remembering and discussing and aweing. All I can say is that tonight God worked and ministered,and it was like we were the hand-tools. I don’t write this to tritely convey the fact that I brought God’s message as if I’m some modern-day prophet. In fact, God’s message was brought wholly without me and I actually just got to enjoy it.

The hardest thing for me is that I am always surprised that God answers the prayers like that. I pray that God would speak and work and then act amazed when it happens. I wish I lived as one who merely expected God to show up (when that’s what God wants to do anyway) but even if I never do, it doesn’t change the fact that God showing up is how this ministry thing is supposed to work, and I still continue to be grateful for my part in it.