It’s Friday morning weigh-in for week 3 and I’m celebrating with my americano this morning because I finally lost a pound! After another pretty good week where I stayed under every day except Saturday and maybe Sunday I am down to 266lbs. I am really finding the lose it app very useful. As I entered my new weight it has already adjusted my daily calorie budget.

I also have figured out a couple of great breakfasts to start my day with through the week that are pretty complete but only hit about 400 or 500 calories (sadly these do not include loco moco). I have been alternating my weights work doing chest, triceps, back squat and hamstrings while my other day works biceps, back, hang cleans and quads. I try to start each workout with at least 15 minutes of high-level (for me atleast) cardio. I also scored a nice two-hour surf on Friday with Sean. An FYI: I have a goal of becoming proficient at surfing by January 2010 (my 2009 new years resolution), I’m getting closer but still have much work to do before I would consider myself proficient, so I need to surf alot these next three months. Happy aloha Friday to all.