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Happy Thanksgiving and Day-After-Thanksgiving! It’s been a good week as far as the diet is concerned, I’m definitely noticing a difference in the way I eat, and in the portions I choose. It’s a small thing but it’s exiting for me to see real changes happening in my habits and in my weight and appearance. Anyway, I weighed in this morning at 257lbs, which is down ten pounds total. Again this week, I weighed in at that weight early in the week and kept consistantly at it through the week. In other news, my father in law, Bob, is rocking our faces off and as of last week he was down 19lbs. Congrats to Bob and any others who are working at this, stay strong through the holidays and let’s come out of this thing lighter on the other side.


Sorry that this week’s update is late. I actually weighed in on time and posted a nice 259. It was doubly nice because I weighed that on Monday. It is nice to begin to see a little more consistancy. As I write this I am preparing for the second thanksgiving feast in as many nights and I just posted a nice 258 on the scale. How’s the weekend and process going for everyone else? How is the thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year season outlook?

Hey everyone, back home in Hawaii and getting back into the swing of things in terms of my diet and exercise. Was pleased with my weigh-in this morning, rocked it at 262 lbs, exactly 1 pound more than I weighed a month ago. It’s a good thing I’m making all this progress ’cause Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and all the eating that goes along with the next 2 months is staring down the tunnel at me. Thanks for reading and for those who are also shrinking, stay strong as we hit this wall!

I was checking out my YouTube and saw that David Crowder* Band posted a music video for the song “How He Loves,”  I checked it out and loved it (big surprise) and thought I would pass it along.  DC*B/YouTube won’t allow embedding so here’s the link.  go check out “How He Loves,” in HD. Enjoy


PS.  I finally get to see these guys live again (it’s cooler this time ’cause I’m now an uberfan, before I only liked them alot), when they perform the worship concert at Hawaiian Island Ministries Honolulu Conference, March 4-6 2010

Well, we are now at the 8 week/2 month point and at weigh-in this morning I was again at 265 lbs.  Our vacation was awesome and we had incredible time/meals with our families, and I am thankful I was able to stay at 265 lbs.  My calorie budget is still at 261, so hopefully I will start to drop back down with more workouts and abiding by my calorie budget.


so there are the raw numbers, it’s been 2 months and I’ve lost 2 lbs.  bummer, but reason to be hopeful.

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