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This is really late, I’m getting lazy about keeping the record up to date. I’ve had two pretty discouraging weeks here, weighing in at 257 both weeks. I have been doing a poor job of keeping up with my “lose it” and it’s showing, even though I worked out either three or four times this week. So keep up the work and I will also work to do the same. Merry Coming Christmas, try to keep shrinking.


Right now I’m walking through some difficult and wearying things. I get to feel tired, beat and blessed. I recieved a copy of Church Music recently and it’s been soothing my soul. Particularly today I was driving in my bus, blaring “Alleluia Sing” and almost physically feeling God remove the junk. So in this season, God is using “Alleluia Sing” to restore and refresh me. What is God using to bless you right now?

Sorry this is late, but checked in this week at 256lbs, down 11. 21 more to go. Meanwhile, the waves in Hawaii are supposed to be legitimately the biggest in quite a while. It is supposedly going to even be bigger than the 1969 swell. Hoping to check it out Monday when it lands and The Eddie hopefully runs. Aloha

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