Hey all, sorry for the late update this week.  I actually did weigh in, but was unable to get my post up, so here it is a couple days late.

I weighed in Friday at 254, which was a little disappointing, because the day before I weighed 252 (as I did today).  The workouts are still going well, and I am doing pretty well on my calories, though this weekend I didn’t keep track at all cause I had this nasty head cold.  I’m coming out of my head cold funk already, but I sure noticed some intense weakness when I worked out today, so I just took it easy on the weights and kicked my cardio up with 30 mins on the elliptical, and some quick light strength stuff (mostly body weight exercises).  I have been doing some football training with one of our FBC students for the last couple weeks and we had an AWESOME workout on Thursday, I only wish there were a way to get that workout more than once a week.  There it is for this week, Aloha