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An indiscriminate farmer tosses his seeds every which way. He scatters in front of him on the path, right in front of some hungry birds, he seems foolish as some are tossed amongst the young weeds and in the gravely dirt. None of these seeds end up bearing fruit. It seems like such a waste but for the incredible harvest from the few that land on good soil.

Jesus told stories about seeds growing and being sown, telling us that these pictures are what His Kingdom is like. Another picture shows a farmer scattering the seeds, then patiently waiting while the earth produces of itself, wholly without his aid. He simply stands by waiting for the moment when he sees the signs of ripening, when he can only run out and harvest as quickly as possible. This farmer’s job involves scattering, waiting and finally harvest, but he must have a lot of patience and faith or else he would go crazy.

I think ministering to youth is sowing. We might pretend we know what we are doing and are experts, but really, all we can do is sow. We sow foolishly, anywhere we can, whether the soil looks good or poor, and then we wait. We must wait patiently and faithfully in an increasingly impatient and incredulous world. As one of these sowers, I pray God would grant us patience, the ability to sow foolishly, and great faith – that He who created all things by speaking them into existence is also able to grow any seed, in any soil and that He will.


So, as for original content, I’m not there right now, however:  here’s a link to a fun article in’s Page 2. about the various people you meet at the gym.  This is a funny and true picture of the gym.  Disclosure:  I am probably mostly The Meathead, with a little Grunter thrown in.



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