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Ancient trees stretch toward heaven
Moss covered; silent, waiting
Encircling like a theatre. Or choir.
Longing to praise Most High God; Creator

    Deafening thunder, sheer silence

Life-giving water abounds, trickling, misting
Down soft, earthen hillsides, making way
To the pool; swirling, roiling, waiting
Full of power and of life

    Ever-shifting, yet unchanging

In seasons peaceful, placid, gentle
Yet now, displaying that same might
Which cuts through stone, moves rocks
Uproots and fells ancient trees, longing to praise


I wrote that my lenten exercise is worshiping more. Spending more time in prayer, meditation and adoration; with my guitar and without. Here’s a poem I wrote Monday while on retreat. I walked the Way of The Cross at Mt Angel Abbey then just drove up into the hills above the Scotts Mills and the Crooked Finger area. I saw a sign pointing out Butte Creek Falls and other areas. I stopped, hiked a quarter mile down to the upper falls and sat in silence, trying to quiet my heart and mind to listen for God. I created this in response to that time.


This is a superficial post, but I was recently amazed when I saw a comment from my former schoolmate and fellow minster Chad. Apparently people are somehow still visiting this site on occasion. Much Has Happened with the Groves, we are now in Oregon, we have three daughters and God is growing us personally, in our family and vocationally. I apologize to any who have been missing any of my rambling thoughts. My thoughts still ramble, I just have much less time and energy than before. I am trying to spend more time reading good and classic fiction, learning more to play my electric guitar as opposed to my acoustic, and trying to prioritize my Annie and girls as much as possible.

A quick note for the lenten season. I love the liturgical calendar. I love using the calendar to refresh and refocus my walk of faith. This year I richly enjoyed intimate Ash Wednesday times with my small group of guys and then with Annie, yet when it came to thinking through lenten fasting, nothing came to mind or heart to give up. After a little more prayer I felt God’s direction to instead increase my own personal worship time which has been lost in the hecticness of my new schedule. So this Lent I am focusing on worshiping in my heart, with my mind and then with my instrument. I put more work into a project that I began in June 2011 (right after moving from Hawaii) where I began to work to set the Psalms of Ascent to personal and corporate worship songs. I had a fun moment the other day putting work into that.

May you and yours experience a blessed Lenten season that draws you nearer to Our Lord and Savior.

Note – I realize that I need to do some significant editing to the site. I have already begun that process, but I think you’ll see more changes in the coming weeks.

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