Not that big of a wave breaking right in front of me

My name is Jonathan David Groves. I am a 25 year old youth minister in Kailua, Hawaii and live on the beautiful island of Oahu.  My wife and I are co-directors and we really do share the workload. My wife, Annie, and I also have a beautiful daughter born in 2008 and we are expecting baby number two in March 2010.   I grew up in Oregon and there developed a love for the outdoors, and met a great group of friends that I still share to this day. I went to UCLA for college and spent four years living in America’s cultural center (one of them, atleast). LA wore on me though, and I now live somewhere that is about as far from LA as you can get. Shortly after college I married my wife and shortly after that we moved out here to Hawaii.

My Wife\'s A Hottie

I studied English in college and that involved both reading and writing. I love to read, and will read stuff all over the literary map. Some of my favorites thus far are Joan Didion, Raymond Chandler, Donald Miller, Shane Claiborn, CS Lewis, John Milton, Rob Bell and probably some more that I have forgotten. I also am challenged by writing, and that is why I blog; I want to participate in the current Christian discussion. I want to hear from other people who are walking this journey and share with them likewise.

I am currently being challenged from many different angles, but mainly about my life and how it reflects my allegiance to Jesus and his Kingdom above all else. Would Jesus approve of my purchasing less expensive products that people suffered unjustly to make?  Does Jesus want me to have stuff?  How do I provide for a family and be financially wise (savings, lack of debt…) but also rely on God to take care of me, as Jesus says will happen? (Annie and I have spent the first year of our marriage financially relying on God because we had no choice) Do I really live a life based on the greatest commandments; Love God with all that I am and Love others as I would want to be loved? These questions are all in process and probably will be blog post subjects as they work out in my mind.

I also love the ocean. I just love being in the water; diving, surfing, bodysurfing, surfing, swimming, or just floating and splashing around like a kid. I also really connect with music. I worship through song and can really sense some of God’s beauty through music and it helps me to personally block out the distractions of the world while I play and sing. Lately I have been getting into carpentry, making a toy box for our friends and a couple small pieces of furniture for our home.

I spend my days trying to love God and love others as best I can. I try to be a better husband, though I have a long way to go; I try to better be a member of God’s Kingdom, I am trying to be a better dad (I gotta try to prepare myself now) and I try to be a better surfer. That last one is for fun. Let’s walk together on this journey.

You a stranger in these here parts, varmit?