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Here’s what I got to do last week

Here’s a link to the video scrapbook page for Young Life’s Washington Family Ranch from June 22-28 while we were there with Keizer Young Life. The videos are alot of fun and you can see me in a few frames as well as quite a few of our kids that came to camp. be sure to check it out and if  you’re interested in supporting Young Life with your time or money, let me know so more people can experience the best week of their life.


Clouds sail, drift; lazy yet intent
Set against azure blue fading
To the east, softening – Horizon
Through haze mountains rise – Cascades
Ancient, volcanic, alive, dormant

Snow covered beauty shines
In patches, swaths laid bare
Our appetite sated. Temporarily
Oh that we would hunger, thirst
For righteousness in kind

We are like the clouds
Unmoved by past, unconcerned of future
Apparent solidity belies truth
We are but fog, a vapor; mist
Driven by forces external; soon to vanish


Here’s another lenten worship response. I’ll try to keep posting things every week or so as I have time and content

Ancient trees stretch toward heaven
Moss covered; silent, waiting
Encircling like a theatre. Or choir.
Longing to praise Most High God; Creator

    Deafening thunder, sheer silence

Life-giving water abounds, trickling, misting
Down soft, earthen hillsides, making way
To the pool; swirling, roiling, waiting
Full of power and of life

    Ever-shifting, yet unchanging

In seasons peaceful, placid, gentle
Yet now, displaying that same might
Which cuts through stone, moves rocks
Uproots and fells ancient trees, longing to praise


I wrote that my lenten exercise is worshiping more. Spending more time in prayer, meditation and adoration; with my guitar and without. Here’s a poem I wrote Monday while on retreat. I walked the Way of The Cross at Mt Angel Abbey then just drove up into the hills above the Scotts Mills and the Crooked Finger area. I saw a sign pointing out Butte Creek Falls and other areas. I stopped, hiked a quarter mile down to the upper falls and sat in silence, trying to quiet my heart and mind to listen for God. I created this in response to that time.

It feels like this has been going on longer than 25 weeks, but I guess that is half a year. Had a good weigh in today after another really tiring and fun football workout with Daniel. Weighed in at 248lbs today and it was the second time this week I did. I’m now 8 lbs away from my original goal weight, and 11 lbs from my adjusted goal of 237. I think I will end up adjusting it again, however, and I will work to get down to 230 or maybe even 225.

Sorry this has come so late, but this weekend was pretty busy and last weekend we were at winter camp. I weighed 250 lbs on Friday and I am stoked to be dropping down at a pretty good pace now. The afternoon before, I weighed 246 after a nice run with John Allard. I have been doing pretty good about workouts and eating smaller portions, however, I am being pretty lazy about my “lose it” and I need to change that.

In other news, Annie and I really worked to organize our bedroom this weekend and it looks and feels awesome now; like a whole other place. We also had an interesting conversation with Patrick, my brother in law, and I think we are going to start a hydroponic garden next weekend with his help, and we’re pretty excited about it. aloha

In their version of “O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing”, The DC*B sing, “There are so few words, that never grow old.”

What are those words for you?

Aloha and Happy New Year from the Groves in Hawaii.  It has been quite a while form my last post and I apologize, but we were enjoying Christmas and New Years.  As for the weight loss, I did not do my lose it at all these last couple weeks but worked hard to limit my calories (and get a few workouts in).  This particular week started 2010 off with a something, as the whole Groves family has suffered from this wicked stomach bug for the entire week.  This has made it so I have done literally no physical work, and my eating has been erratic.  After all that, I am pleased to weigh in at 257 today.  As soon as we are better, I will be getting back on the exercise and calorie tracking horse

This is really late, I’m getting lazy about keeping the record up to date. I’ve had two pretty discouraging weeks here, weighing in at 257 both weeks. I have been doing a poor job of keeping up with my “lose it” and it’s showing, even though I worked out either three or four times this week. So keep up the work and I will also work to do the same. Merry Coming Christmas, try to keep shrinking.

Right now I’m walking through some difficult and wearying things. I get to feel tired, beat and blessed. I recieved a copy of Church Music recently and it’s been soothing my soul. Particularly today I was driving in my bus, blaring “Alleluia Sing” and almost physically feeling God remove the junk. So in this season, God is using “Alleluia Sing” to restore and refresh me. What is God using to bless you right now?

Sorry this is late, but checked in this week at 256lbs, down 11. 21 more to go. Meanwhile, the waves in Hawaii are supposed to be legitimately the biggest in quite a while. It is supposedly going to even be bigger than the 1969 swell. Hoping to check it out Monday when it lands and The Eddie hopefully runs. Aloha

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